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Improve your Vehicle’s Performance With TerraClean

TerraClean is a unique decarbonisation technology that can significantly improve the emissions, MPG and performance of your vehicle. The technology can be used on cars (both petrol and diesel), motorcycles, vans, trucks, motorboats and agricultural vehicles.


While pour-in cleaning products can clean some parts of the engine, TerraClean goes one step further than that. It cleans from the injectors, through the combustion process and cleans the EGR and Diesel Particulate Filters too. No other system on the market can clean the post combustion parts of the fuel system in your vehicle.

A TerraClean vehicle service involves using highly refined fuels and an exclusive, patented process to remove carbon and other lacquers from the engine, restoring full vehicle efficiency, reducing harmful emissions and improving MPG. The process can also prolong the life of components within the engine, reducing the long-term cost of vehicle ownership. Each maintenance service is highly effective and will help to prevent problems from occurring inside your vehicle’s engine.


Venli Auto Repairs are the only licensee of TerraClean in the Canary Islands, adding to our list of extensive vehicle maintenance services.


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